Blame the deed not the breed

Our dog FRØYA

We have a beautiful Amstaff with the name Frøya. She was born in 2004 and is a lovely dog in every way. She loves everyone and everything. Have a look at her at the "Frøya" pages.


Red muskelhunden

Wikipedia beskrivelse av Amstaff

Amstaff som terapihund i Finland

Amstaff, verdens fredeligste hund

Amstaff forbudt i Norge 2004

Amstaff som redningshund

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American Staffordshire Terrier is probably one of the dog breeds that has been given most media attention the latest years. Unfortunately the focus has been mostly negative.

Amstaff, closest to perfection! It is a fantastic all-around dog and a good family pet.

Take a look at these pages and learn something new about this beautiful breed before you make up YOUR mind.













Your dog can save lives!! Let your dog be a blood donor!

In Denmark contact:

Købnhavns Dyrehospital 

KVL Smådyrklinikk tlf 35 33 29 30




SignUp!!!!!!!   Save the muscle dog! The Danish Kennel Club has suggested that Amstaff should wear a muzzle at all times and be in a 1m long leash at all times. Give your signature here to state that you disagree.


Videos against breed legislation


No legislation 







A true American Staffordshire Terrier is very physically stable and calm. The dog is therefore a good all-around dog and family pet.

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Many claim that Amstaff is a fighting dog. 

This is NOT correct. Unfortunately, dogs have been (and are) used in dog fights some places, but it has NEVER been the intetion of the founders of the  breed.

Amstaff has been bred FROM previous fighting-dogs at the beginning of 1900. Amstaff has been bred exclusively for show and as a family pet since 1936. Therefore a true Amstaff is not a good guarding dog or fighting dog. It is too kind and loving, and does not have what it takes.

Due to the great popularity of the breed Amstaff, some breed dogs only for profit not considering the physical and mental state of the dogs. it is these dogs that cause problems in many countries. Pure bred Amstaffs is not to blame.

The problems cited by media is therefore probably not at dog problem, but in fact a dog-owner problem.

If you have an Amstaff it is your responsibility to be a good representative for the breed